My Services


Throughout our lives, we encounter various challenges. Psychotherapy serves as a valuable support in such phases by revealing ways to activate hidden inner strengths and develop personal solutions. In my work as a person-centered psychotherapist, I focus on the uniqueness of each individual, their personal values, emotions, and experiences.
In an atmosphere of trust and openness, as well as appreciation and empathic understanding, my work aims to strengthen the self-confidence of my clients and support them in rediscovering and utilizing their hidden potentials. I offer a safe space where you can freely develop, overcome personal obstacles, and strengthen your resilience. Together, we will embark on this journey to rediscover and utilize your personal strengths, enabling you to lead a more fulfilled and balanced life.


Individual coaching for personal and professional development

Coaching is an interactive and structured process that aims to support you in realizing your specific goals. Unlike psychotherapy, which deals with the healing of mental ailments, coaching focuses on the development and implementation of personal or professional objectives. Within a protected framework, coaching offers the opportunity to try out various action strategies in conflict and stress situations, both in personal and professional contexts. Together, we develop individually tailored solutions that help you clearly define and successfully achieve your goals. Coaching is time-limited and aims to promote your independence and decision-making ability.